Flexible & Quickly Adjustable Robotic Cell

Unique hexapods and software technology

Unique hexapod and software technology allows you to set up the robotic cell within minutes and switch from one order to the next.

Ever-adjustable fixture

The hexapods act as an ever-adjustable or holding fixture system.

Your production drawings

The robot cell adjusts itself based on your production drawings. With the help of the software it's easily converted into positioning of the fixture – no robot programming skills are required.

Automatic tool-changers

Automatic tool-changers makes it possible to hold & manipulate different types of items.

SmartFlexCell Will Help You:

Reduce Setup Time

Optimize your robot for smaller production orders, make production lines flexible, reduce setup time from hours or even days to minutes.

Optimize The Cost

Optimize the overall cost and offer a better deal for your clients.

Save The Space

Reduce the storage space and save money on the production of fixtures & holding tools.

Flexy Weld – The Flexible Welding Robot

SmartFlexCell concept for welding

Our partners

Smart Flex Cell is developed in a European cooperation with teams from Slovenia, Spain, Denmark and Lithuania – with combined technical experience, market access and knowledge in commercializing robotic solutions

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